Thursday, January 14, 2010


spoken: ahvo. alternate spelling: avo. When I first heard this word, I thought it was short for avocado. But that didn't make sense. "Are you free for tea this avocado?" (I love avocados, btw - they're yummy and good for you, one of those miracle foods that keep your tummy slim).

When I google-imaged "arvo" the first few images that came up were...LEGOS! The Arvo brothers from Spain (who are pretty hot based on their pic on Flickr) create these fabulously original Lego designs (of which the above Lego manual typewriter is one - and can I say how much I miss these beautiful dinosaurs, and real letters, and card catalogues?). I chose it because it was the closest to a computer, which is what I'm staring at most avos.


  1. Jane:
    I still don't know what Arvo is!

  2. Ha! I can't believe I didn't give a definition. It's short for "afternoon"