Saturday, December 26, 2009


Closest US equivalent for "fully" is "totally," which as most of you know, originated in the Eighties Valley culture of California.

I actually like "fully" more. It's more intense and emphatic. Whereas a Californian might lazily affirm, "like totally, dude" to such truisms as the sky is blue, the surf is high and beer tastes good, you can see an Australian nodding and repeating "fully" with earnest conviction to the same.

E.g. Christmas is overdetermined.

(nod, swig Coopers)


**addendum: the original pic (see below in comments) was pulled by the owner so c'est la vie. I've replaced it with a better one, a Hello Kitty machine gun. Those of you who know me should get it.

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  1. You got busted for hotlinking someone's image!