Saturday, December 12, 2009


A blue ass fly (no idea re genus, species, whatever) is a particular kind of fly that likes to buzz around grazing sheep and lay its eggs in the asses of these unsuspecting sheep. This is, of course, terrible for the health of the sheep; fortunately, a treatment is available for sheep infested with blue ass fly maggots, though I didn't ask for details from the Aussie friends who taught me this neat turn of phrase today (thanks Adrian and Mel!).

This colorful expression is used to refer to annoying people who hang on (annoyingly) at parties and social gatherings, much as the blue ass fly hangs around sheep: "Oy mate, why don't you go get a beer from the eskie (icebox), and stop hanging around like a blue ass fly!"

Also can refer to people running around like "chickens with their heads cut off": "Stop running around like a blue ass fly! You're in Australia, mate. You know she'll be right."


  1. PS: the common sheep dag fly, Lucia cuprina, is a brilliant metallic green. If you want to see one in Oz, hang a lamb chop in a tree and they arrive within 48 hrs

  2. like a blue ass fly ... means in Australia to go really fast or be really busy. originally the blue arse fly was a fly that flew in ever decreasing circles until it disappeared up it's own arse.

  3. Only the second part of this is accurate