Thursday, December 3, 2009


Just went to my first holiday party of the year - incidentally, Australians say "happy" rather than "merry" Christmas - neither here nor there. Just like they always end the happy birthday song with "hip hip hooray" (uttered thrice, must be a Britishism).

"She'll be right" is an expression I learned from Elia, the assistant to our Head of School (I can't think of the American equivalent - maybe dean? He's Canadian, btw). I was completely frazzled from all sorts of bureaucracy when I first arrived last year and we were having crepes at this Mexican place on campus (more on Mexican cuisine in Oz another time; suffice to say, they use pineapples as garnish) - and she just smiled and said "she'll be right." I was like - who is "she?"

This is a more ocker(? help me Aussie friends! American friends: "ocker" = country) version of "no worries." It beautifully sums up the super chill attitude one has in Australia or soon learns to adopt. Liquor helps. As does nice weather, good food and gorgeous beaches.

And lovely lovely friends.

Did I mention liquor?


  1. Might suggest you consider removing the pic of Rolf Harris :)

  2. Thanks Sylvia - you're right, not the best representative of "she'll be right" ... For those of you who don't know, Harris was recently convicted of sexual assault of minors.