Friday, December 25, 2009


This seems appropriate given all the yummy food I've been force fed since coming back to Dallas for my annual Christmas reunion with my family. Also I love stuffing. Love it. And I love turkey. I miss it in Australia, especially at Thanksgiving. (I think the equivalent must be kangaroo - both are native to the land(s) and virtually fat free though I don't think roo makes you sleepy). I had a turkey cranberry sandwich at a new cafe on campus in late November. The cranberry sauce turned out to be strawberry jam. I was so disappointed and sad ... and a bit disgusted. They really need to do something about the food choices at uni - so limited and depressing, especially when there's such excellent food in town.

Anyway, "stuffed" in the US means you're really full. I yelled this in a happily inebriated state at a very posh French dinner a few months ago (where as usual, I was the token American everyone initially mistakes for Canadian, surrounded by a cosmopolitan crowd about two decades older than me). There was utter silence for a few seconds, which was broken by my supercool British host who, with a wry smile, quietly told me that means something entirely different in Oz and England. I.e. "to be f**ked."

I guess that means I got stuffed by that faux turkey cranberry sandwich.

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