Tuesday, December 1, 2009


alternate spellings: streuth or strewth - thanks to the Anonymous poster for the latter spelling and apologies for accidentally deleting your comment! An Aussie surfer taught me this expression in Manly Beach after he showed me around the area and bought me lots of beers. Somewhere between "Dude!" and "Right on!" - would seem to be an abbreviated version of "It's the truth." The surfer texted me a few days after our impromptu date, inviting me to cook him dinner sometime, apropos of nothing. More on lame Aussie pick up lines in another entry ... PS I haven't heard anyone in the Inner West (where I live) use this expression; it must be exclusive to sleazy surfers and/or Northern Sydney.

**addendum: according to my friend Brian, "struth" in the English context is derived from "God's truth." Thanks Brian! Though given the pronounced lack of interest in God here (compared to the US or my first homeland, Korea, for that matter), I think it's safe to say the term has deteriorated to basic blokey bloke slang in this new new world context.

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